Meet Marie - Dog Trainer

Meet Marie - Dog Trainer
Marie Turner-Bailie comes to us with 15 years of industry experience both in training and trainer mentoring. Starting her career out, she found her passion for all things dog related as a groomer. Through grooming, she met her true training. Within two short years, she began her adventure into training dogs through Petco.

In 2007 she was mentored by trainer Ruth Brown, and soon after started conducting her own classes at Petco in Roseville, CA.  Along her path she’s volunteered with Placer County Animal shelter, and A New Hope Dog Rescue.  Within 5 years, she became a Dog Training Mentor helping to build other dog trainers’ skill sets and confidence, and passing on her broad knowledge base. 

She has been fortunate enough to attend many conferences and workshops by renowned trainers like Ian Dunbar. Now, after aiding and training many pets, pet parents, and junior trainers in the challenging and distracting environment of Petco, she has made herself available to help those in need of in-home training who may have been overwhelmed by the retail environment.  She looks forward to helping you with your training and behavioral goals.

Here is one of her favorite training stories - in her own words:

"It’s so important to make sure you are braced when you call a dog to come from a distance!
Early in my dog training career I was blessed to work with a Malamute named King. He was so big!!! His head sat at my chest level and he had to have been 100 lbs. This dog comes in on just a leash and collar, and greets me calmly turning around to get scratches by his tail. Fur was flying everywhere, but I couldn’t help myself. He was soooo sweet. 
After several minutes of being in awe, training my first “giant” dog - we start working on come. King had no problem getting started so we kept expanding the distance. Now, I am only 10-15ft away from the owner, but I wanted to be sure we were successful, so I squatted down to be at King’s eye level. Well, I said come, added some bup, bups and this bear-like creature comes running at me. He barrels right into me, my butt hits the ground and this monster of a dog hovers over me, licking me and I can’t get up. 
His owner comes over and I can’t stop laughing. It took me a while to regain my self control and get up, then it was back to business and a talk about bracing yourself when you decide to call the King to come."
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