Initial Consultation and Assessment Services


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Initial Consultation & Assessment - $355

  • Our consultations are taught in two (1) hour appointments.

  • You will receive 2 webinars, one on body language and a webinar on canine behavior, we recommend reviewing those before the first appointment.
The first appointment is done virtually with our Canine Behavior consultant. In this session, we will do some deep dive information gathering, an initial evaluation and expectations for the case, collaboration on an outline for the training plan, etc.
  • Information gathering including the basics and the in depth - for instance:  uncovering antecedents, behavioral observations, identifying associations, behavioral conditions, how things could be influencing the behaviors, identifying contributing factors, and information gathering based off of the information on the intake form provided before the consultation appointment.
The In Person Assessment, we are able to go in with a custom plan based on your case. We’ll be evaluating the dog on key aspects based on their case.
  • Typically we on board 2-3 protocols for clients to start working on. Protocols can be more management oriented in the beginning depending on the severity and needs of the case.
  • An initial assessment of your dog's behavior and possible snags in your current training progress.
  • Goal setting based on your ideal outcome, and what the realistic expectations and timeline for reaching your training goals might be.

Summary of Onboarding Process:

  • Wavier, Invoicing, Intake, Webinars
  • Scheduling
  • Virtual Consultation
  • In Person Assessment
  • Consultation Notes
  • Courtesy Check in Call
  • Select Follow up Services

We will then collaborate with you to create a training plan, and can begin the implementation of behavior management. 

  • Safety and management will be the first focus of all behavioral cases where aggression and/or anxiety are present.   
  • With preventative training, the main focus will be on creating resilience and adaptability, so problem behavior does not begin to present or worsen.

Every consultation is followed by an extensive set of notes which include prognosis, all background information about observed behavior, goal oriented milestones, and the start of a customized training plan designed with your dog, your goals, your day-to-day life, and your resources in mind.  These will be sent to you as a PDF within 48 hours of your consultation.  

We commonly recommend a follow up session 1-2 weeks after the last consultation session. Training needs vary from case to case on a variety of factors.

With your consultation, you receive:

  • Over 6 decades of experience, as our entire training team reviews every case, with set meetings twice a week to discuss and collaborate on cases, using their unique backgrounds in behavior consulting, operant conditioning, and shelter / vet clinic work.
  • The training team and our clients are supported by a full time administrative professional, who also maintains continuing education in the field.
  • You will receive email support for up to 30 days after your consultation. And 
  • You will be invited to a private Facebook group for clients, with over 200 members and loads of educational content.
  • We will also gladly send our observations to your vet upon request, or are happy to refer clients to Behavioral Veterinarians at UC Davis and Douglas Boulevard Veterinary Clinic and other where our active clients enjoy a shortened, less expensive intake process, due to our relationship with the professionals at these hospitals.

Please sign up for our free "Discovery Screening" to inquire about how to sign up for any private client services.

Virtual Management Session - $150

No consultation needed, Discovery Screening Required.

This virtual service only provides management support, potentially operant training, and is 45 min and includes session notes.

  • This limited service is to help provide clients with support to help prevent undesirable behaviors. Also to have management and safety tools.
    • Management - Enrichment - Immediate Safety Protocols - Limited Operant behaviors related to Enrichment/Management.
  • This service can also be helpful if there are critical safety needs present that are time sensitive to receive faster support while waiting for your consultation or if something comes up between sessions.
  • Discovery Screening must be done prior to qualify, click here to schedule a Discovery Screening. 
  • Limit of 4 sessions per household, per year
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