Private Training Services

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Initial Consultation - $325

Our initial consultation is performed in 2 sessions.  The first is a one hour virtual consultation with our canine behavior consultant; and the second is a 1 hour assessment with our head dog trainer, held in person.  Our training consultation consists of:

  • Information gathering including the basics and the in depth - for instance:  uncovering antecedents, behavioral observations, identifying associations, behavioral conditions, how things could be influencing the behaviors, identifying contributing factors, and information gathering based off of the information on the intake form provided before the consultation appointment.
  • An initial assessment of your dog's behavior and possible snags in your current training progress.
  • Goal setting based on your ideal outcome, and what the realistic expectations and timeline for reaching your training goals might be.

With your consultation, you receive:

  • Over 4 decades of experience, as our entire training team reviews every case, with set meetings twice a week to discuss and collaborate on cases, using their unique backgrounds in behavior consulting, operant conditioning, and shelter / vet clinic work.
  • The training team and our clients are supported by a full time administrative professional, who also maintains continuing education in the field.
  • You will receive a free virtual screening call before your consultation, and email support for up to 30 days after your consultation.
  • You will be invited to a private Facebook group for clients, with over 200 members and loads of educational content.
  • We will also gladly send our observations to your vet upon request, or are happy to refer clients to Behavioral Veterinarians at UCDavis and Douglas Boulevard Veterinary Clinic where our active clients enjoy a shortened, less expensive intake process, due to our relationship with the professionals at these hospitals.

    We will then collaborate with you to create a training plan, and can begin the implementation of behavior management. 

    • Safety and management will be the first focus of all behavioral cases where aggression and/or anxiety are present.   
    • With preventative training, the main focus will be on creating resilience and adaptability, so problem behavior does not begin to present or worsen.

    Every consultation is followed by an extensive set of notes which include prognosis, all background information about observed behavior, goal oriented milestones, and the start of a customized training plan designed with your dog, your goals, your day-to-day life, and your resources in mind.  These will be sent to you as a PDF within 48 hours of your consultation.  

    Private Training - starting at $150

    Our behavior training sessions are 1 hour each, and are available to purchase singly, as a 4 pack, or an 8 pack.  Sessions purchased in a package include a volume discount.

    • Following your initial behavioral consultation, our private sessions will support the training plan created during your consultation. 
    • These sessions may be held virtually or in person, depending on the safety measures, individual needs, and perimeters of the case, as well as the goals currently being worked on. 
    • Sessions purchased in a package may consist of both virtual and/or in person sessions, and are not locked in as one "type" or another, as the needs of the dog and owners may change as training progresses.  
    Day Training - Pricing based off of Standard or Custom Plans 

    Day training is an intensive training plan where we do the heavy lifting of teaching your dog. We then teach you at the end of each week what your pup has learned, so you can continue practicing.  

    At the end of the package, you will receive a written review of the behaviors taught for your reference, delivered to your email in PDF format.  Also included is a single 1 hour follow up appointment approximately 2-4 weeks after your package concludes, if needed.

    How it works: 
    We will come to your home for four sessions per week. Three of those sessions will be just us and your dog working for 45 minutes each time.  The fourth session of each week will be an hour with you and your dog together.  We will teach you what we've been working on, and give you some time to practice with our trainer in attendance, so we can give you pointers and feedback on how to maintain the behaviors we've taught.  A few weeks later, we will come back for a 1 hour follow up, where you can ask questions, get help refining your technique, or get a brush up on any of the protocols that may have deteriorated.

      the training plan may incorporate owner attendance during more (or all) of the sessions based on the needs of the case.  

    • Day training packages come in 3 week or 4 week durations. 
      • We only schedule them out for one month at a time.

    Your trainer will recommend a package size based on the goals you have set for your dog.  You are always welcome to choose the package size you are comfortable with, but be aware that the length of training will affect the progress made.  Your trainer will adjust the goals and communicate the adjustments to you should you decide on a shorter package than your trainer recommends.

    Additional Free Perk for our Behavior Clients:  UC Davis Veterinarian Behaviorist Escort
    If it is recommended you reach out to UC Davis for an appointment with a veterinary behaviorist, and you would like more support, we can attend your appointment virtually with the veterinarian behaviorist.  We will provide input directly to your veterinarian behaviorist.  Since we belong to a special program in connection with UC Davis’ behavior department, our clients have the option of attending an abbreviated appointment, instead of the full length appointment that would normally be required.  (It’s a lot more cost effective!)

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