Veterinary Clinic Support and Services

Veterinary Clinic Support

As a Certified Fear Free Animal Trainer specializing in aggression, Allison Daack understands how important it is to work together with our client's veterinarians and staff, ensuring the best results for our clients, especially where her area of expertise ends.

Safety is our number one priority.  She offers all our clients the option of sending our behavioral observation notes to their veterinarian's office, along with an outline of our training plan, and tips on how to handle the dog in the clinic to keep everyone safe and as fear free as possible.

Free "Meet the Trainer" Session
Allison also offers a free 1 hour 'Meet the Trainer' session, virtually, for clinics. The dog training world is like the wild west, so we offer this as an opportunity for you and your staff to be able to meet her.  She'll teach some easy to use methods to deescalate stress and build up trust for dogs and cats in clinic.  She'll also able to answer some behavior or training questions for you and your staff members.

We also host a private facebook group for clients that veterinarian clinic staff are welcome to join called The Daack Pack.

To book a session please contact us at, or at 916-287-3230.  Custom curriculums designed around your staff and clientele also available.

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