Day Training Services


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Let us do some of the heavy lifting! Day training is a 4 week intensive service. This is a great way to have training ‘jumpstarted’ for you.

Standard Day Training: $2685*

A Trainer will work with you 4 days a week for 4 weeks. The trainer will work with your dog in your home 1 on 1 three days a week and 1 session with you and your dog to transition the skills worked on within the week. This service is great for some cases, especially dogs who are struggling with;

  • Barking, lunging or displaying various leash reactivity type behaviors
  • Dogs with stranger danger
  • Obedience type cases
  • Variety of other cases!

Virtual Day Training: $1590*

Similar to the In Person Day Training Services, our Virtual variation is great for cases that need intensive support and/or a jumpstart towards their goals. You and the Trainer will meet 4 times a week, 3 times for 30 minutes and once a week for an hour to onboard new skills for the next week. We see this option especially valuable for, but not limited to, cases where we see:

  • Separation Anxiety, Cooperative Care, Owner Directed Conflict.
  • Out of area clients
  • Dogs who have issues with strangers (but there are more pressing training needs)
  • Cases that benefit from working with the dog in a more natural life setting.
  • Client must be available for each session

Mini Day Training: $1400*

A budget friendly option for clients who want the benefits and structure of a Day Training but may not be able to commit 4 days a week. A trainer will be over 2 days a week to work with you and your pets. It can also be prefect for clients transitioning away from the more intense support of other Day training services.

  • Can be In Person, Virtual or Hybrid.
  • Client must be available for each session


Day Training services are scheduled out for the whole 4 weeks in collaboration with the client. Scheduling will be based off of availability. Clients have the ability to add on weeks to the day training plan or additional services, we only schedule them out one month at a time.


How it Works:

Once it's determined that your case would benefit from Day Training and you decide to move forward with the program:

  1. Pay Deposit:
    • $300 - Standard
      • Includes: 1 hour Assessment and Prep Session
    • $150 - Virtual and Mini
      • Includes: 15-30 minute Assessment and Prep Phone Call
  2. Confirm Scheduling of the 4 weeks and your Estimated Weekly Training Outline.
    • Confirm the logistics of how the Trainer will enter your home, the sessions that you are required to be there, and any other set up logistics.
  3. Start Training! A dog trainer will come to your home or start working with you virtually.
    • We encourage clients to attend any and all sessions in the Standard plan, even the ones designated as a Trainer working with dog session, if available.
  4. Virtual and Mini Day Training the clients must participate for all sessions.
  5. Once a week we work with your family and the dog(s) to transition over what was taught that week.
  6. Weekly notes outlining what was taught will be sent to you after the transition session.
  7. Gain access to select webinars determined by your trainer to support you throughout your training plan. 
  8. You can add Extension weeks to your plan if you feel like you would like to continue the level of support that you can get from this service. 
    • You can add them by week or up to a whole new 4 weeks. 
    • Extensions are at a discounted price, compared to a new service. 

Additional Week Add-On:

Standard: $620 per week / 4 weeks: $2,480
Virtual: $360 per week / 4 weeks: $1,440
Mini: $320 per week / 4 weeks: $1,280


Common Add-Ons: 

Excursions: Included or price based on current travel fee, location dependent.
Additional Trainer sessions: Virtual $60 / In person $130 (Behavior Consultant to attend the session)
Live Training Plan: $60 set up, $10 per week (Upgrade Weekly Notes)


*Price before any Add-Ons, Not inclusive of any Travel fees. 

**Not all cases are appropriate for Day Training, your trainer can help you decide if this is appropriate for your case.

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