Common Services - Private Training

Private Sessions:

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Overview: Our Private training sessions are 1 hour each with a Trainer, and are available to purchase as a single session, a 4 pack, or an 8 pack.

Our Private Sessions are run from in your home or Virtually. For Private Sessions, Clients must be present for the sessions.

  • Private sessions may be held virtually or in person.
  • Sessions are not locked in as one "type" or another, as the needs of the dog and owners may change as training progresses.
  • All of the following services also include taxes and fees, travel time up to 30 minutes to and from the session location, limited email support and access to our Facebook group in initial cost.

Individual Session Rate $165
4 Session package $630*
8 Session Package $1200*


Virtual Management Sessions:

No consultation needed, Discovery Screening Required.

  • This virtual service only provides management support, potentially operant training, and is 45 min and includes session notes.
  • This limited service is to help provide clients with support to help prevent undesirable behaviors. Also to have management and safety tools.
    • Management - Enrichment - Immediate Safety Protocols - Limited Operant behaviors related to Enrichment/Management.
  • This service can also be helpful if there are critical safety needs present that are time sensitive to receive faster support while waiting for your consultation or if something comes up between sessions.
  • Screening must be done prior to qualify.
  • Limit of 4 sessions per household, per year.

Virtual Management Session: $150


*Installment Plans available for services over $600

**Pricing not inclusive of any Travel Fees that may be incurred.  

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