Excursion Program

Join us weekly for a structured group excursion with around 4-6 dogs per trainer. Where we work on cue expansion, behavior modification, impulse control, relationship building, survival skills, handling skills and other things!

Great for dogs to expand their worlds after making progress on things like leash reactivity, stranger danger issues, sound sensitivities, various emotional conflictions, socialization, etc.

This is suitable for dogs without aggressive behaviors or consistent reactivity issues, see trainer to determine if this would be a good fit!


Excursions will be weekly. Times and days to be determined by weather and Excursion location availability. We have outdoors and indoor locations available too. We’ll be frequenting parks like Bannister Park and others each month. We'll be adding more locations as the program grows. 

  • Excursions will last approximately 60-75 minutes
  • Access to 4-5 excursions a month

Membership Based Program:

The program will be a Monthly membership. Once enrolled, you can sign up for any open Excursion each month.

  • $130 per month /$100 for an additional dog in the same household



How do dogs Qualify?:

If you are an active client, your trainer can sign off or you can do a Excursion assessment with us at Bannister Park.

Excursion Assessment: ($165)A 1hr session to assess the dog and to help give them some skills to work on first. Dogs that are in appropriate physical health and dogs 6 months or older to protect their joint development.

I’m not an active client and would like to join the group excursions?

We would love to have you join us if it would be a good fit! If you haven’t yet, please attend a free Discovery screening which can be found on our Website. We can do a brief assessment. If it looks like it will be a good fit, then we can schedule a Excursion Assessment.

Do I need to show proof of vaccinations?

Yes, we require dogs to be up to date on their vaccinations and require we have an updated vaccination record for any dog participating on the hike.

Recommended Equipment:

  •  Standard 6ft leash - No tears or frays
  •  Fitted flat buckle collar with tags
  •  Well-Fitted Harness
  •  Treat Pouch, Variety of High Value Treats.
  •  Water and bowls for both you and your dog
  •  Closed Toes shoes/Hat/Sunscreen/Towel

Will my dogs be able to meet on Leash?

No. A lot of dogs can struggle with on leash greetings and those types of greetings can intensify underline associations. We want to focus on teaching our dogs to be able to be around other dogs and people without having to engage them and focus on us instead!

What is the terrain like?

This will change based on the location. Participants will be able to sign up for locations and they will indicate the terrain.

Members will also get access to Location guides that will have more information about the specific locations that they may want to sign up for.

What are things we may work on?

  • Leash manners like - “Let’s go” or heel
  • “Come”
  • Emergency Recall
  • Name recognition/Auto check in’s
  • ‘Sit’ at the side,
  • “Around”
  • “Leave it” 
  • “Trade” 
  • “Look”
  • “Touch”
  • and more!

We also do a lot of behavior modification using counter conditioning, desensitization, differential reinforcement to help work on triggers the dog may have like people, dogs, bikes, noises, wildlife, etc.

The spaces give us a chance to work on relationship building, impulse control, swimming, etc. Utilize the situations we have to be fluid in the moment and make the most out of things. This is why it’s critical that the dog is at a point where they can handle higher intensity environments.

Reach out to us for more information on how to get set up with Excursion Assessment.



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