Behind the Scenes - What Makes Daack Pack Different?

ft. Sophia


The driving force of the Daack Pack, is our commitment to collaboration. We view collaboration as a vital part of success. Collaboration can:

  1. Increase the successful outcomes of cases. 
  2. Allows for the opportunity for creative solutions. 
  3. Allows for growth and learning within our industry. 

Collaboration a foundation stone of our company because, ultimately, it makes us better suited to help those who seek out our expertise. 

We regularly collaborate with: 

  • Internally within the company, as our team is comprised of individuals with various backgrounds, unique experience and certifications. 
  • A local network of Pet Professionals in the Sacramento area. 
  • Local Veterinarians. 
  • Veterinarian Behaviorists and staff at UC Davis' Behavior Services

Strive for Continued Education: 

In the industry of animal training there are no standards of practice. The current unregulated nature of the industry leads to a high variance of knowledge, verifiable education and and experience. 

There are many places around the US that are currently working towards more regulations and ordinances and we here at the Daack Pack support these efforts.

Our team is comprised of individuals that strive to continue their education through third party groups like the IAABC, CPPDT, APDT, KPA, and others. These groups create standardized certifications and codes of ethics for Trainers and Consultants to practice by. We also focus on internal mentoring and development to see our team gain experience and expertise in the field.

Through a commitment to continuing education, including the latest scientific understanding of canine behavior and training techniques, yearly participation in nationally recognized conferences, and attending seminars and workshops held by leaders in the field, our staff is able to provide Daack Pack Dog Training clients with modern, effective solutions based in science.

Understands the importance of +R and Fear Free methods:

At Daack Pack Dog Training, our goal is to provide our clients with quality training that enhances the relationship with their dog, while using a foundation of positive reinforcement, fear-free, and force-free training techniques to address their dog's undesirable behaviors. Transparency with our techniques and collaboration with our clients serves to build our client's confidence working with their pet as we build their relationship. 

Understanding that every situation is unique and no one single training method will work in every situation; we will create an effective, tailor made training plan specific to each individual case. 

This also matches our standard practice for ethics and welfare. We creatively work for solutions that do not involve fear, pain, coercion or intimidation in our techniques and protocols.  

What makes Daack Pack Dog Training INC. different?  

Modern science practices and techniques combined with an emphasis on a high ethical and professional standard are what we aim for in each situation. 

We know how important your pets are to you and we do the above to make sure that our care for your pets and your family is the best we can offer at the time. 

We're also a company that's comprised of a diverse group of professionals that understand the importance of diversity, inclusion and representation within all communities and industries. Everyone should have access to a place where they can come with their pet's behavior concerns and know that it will be a safe place for them to exist and learn. 


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