About Daack Pack Dog Training

ft. Rusty

Allison Daack founded Daack Pack Dog Training, INC. in June of 2016 after nearly a decade working in wildlife rehabilitation and dog training facilities around the US.  

One thing that always dismayed Allison is the lack of any regulation within the pet training industry.  Because of this, many trainers are under educated from the start, or never pursue continuing education after they begin their careers - resulting in outdated training modalities still being used rampantly throughout the industry, and buzzwords rather than meaningful research being used to market different styles of training techniques.  

She knew that owners and their pets deserved better, and set out to create a company that didn't just focus on the results, but on the most reliable, humane ways possible to get those results - based in both regular continuing education, and ever changing science-backed best practices.

Since then, Daack Pack Dog Training has:

  • Created and launched Paws With A Cause, a shelter dog foster and training program run within Folsom prison for inmates.
  • Created corporate policy, training, and presentations around "Bring Your Dog To Work" days for CA based companies.
  • Run confidence building programs for dogs during 4 Wheelers 4 Paws events in CA State Parks.
  • Created and launched a "Trainer on Retainer" program for rescues to give them budget-friendly access to world class training for foster dogs to increase their appeal to adopters.
  • Written and hosted several webinars both for clients and for other industry professionals.
  • Perfected the "Virtual Training Session" while on lock down during the COVID pandemic; also implemented during wildfire season here in CA when outdoor air quality becomes hazardous.

Over the years, Daack Pack Dog Training has grown - but we all still strongly believe in being truly transparent and honest, both within our team, and with our clients. 

While you will have a lead trainer for your dog, we work collaboratively as a team on every case, so clients benefit from 3 decades of industry experience, and each of our unique skill sets and areas of expertise.  We help pet parents through difficult conversations and frustrating circumstances.  We see ourselves as educators, helping clients make the best choices for their families and animals by providing evidence backed information in a non-judgmental way.  We understand that pet parents are doing the best that they can with the tools and resources they have.  While we might act as the GPS - showing clients the various ways to get to the results they'd like, you are ultimately the driver, and will know your pet and your life better than anyone else might.

We also understand that while prognoses might be similar, that no two cases are the same.  That is why we are dedicated to creating custom training plans for each of our clients, based on your needs, your dog's needs, and the needs of each member of your household. 

We are honored to join you and your dog on your training and learning journey. 


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