FEB.2023 Monthly Newsletter

FEB.2023 Monthly Newsletter

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Pro Tip of the Month: Treat size, it can be a very underappreciated part of training sessions. Having the right size treats can make a big difference in a training session.

Too big and your dog might take too long to chew them between repetitions or you might not be able to get as many repetitions before your dog is full.

Too small and they might be hard to deliver to your dog from your hand. If the texture of the treat is crumbly, they may also just turn into crumbs in your training pouch.

We usually recommend having treats to the average 'pea sized'. I say average, because we're looking for general sizes, not uniformity.

Pictured: Happy Howie's treats. Available for purchase, ask your trainer for more info!

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Canine Reactivity Podcast through One Last Network

One Last Network interviewed Allison in January where she touches on Canine Reactivity in general, Canine Reactivity in aging dogs, training approaches and a bit about her background! It is geared towards pet owners and has a lot of great information. Check it out on spotify  here.  

New Services Alert!!!!

Coming soon this spring Concerned Canines group courses! This series will be the first of our group classes that we will be rolling out this year! It is for dogs that display reactive behavior when out and about in public, around dogs and people. This class will be held indoors in a large place with multiple team members present to help support this small group class as we all grow our skills together with our dogs. More information to come but we are starting a waitlist for past and current clients who are interested to have priority to enrolling when it opens up soon. Click here to join the waitlist!

Your Training Team; Allison, Betsy, and Marie
Check out March’s newsletter to learn more about our new team member
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