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You Choose! Chinchilla Edition

“You Choose” is a great way to figure out your pets preferred foods work on impulse control, encourage critical thinking and add enrichment. I love this exercise! It helps to...

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What Are Paired Behaviors?

Isn’t it great when your dog jumps? I just love an excited, jumping dog, until I don’t. With my small, 7lb miniature poodle it didn’t bother me when he puts...

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Meet Marie - Dog Trainer

Marie Turner-Bailie comes to us with 15 years of industry experience both in training and trainer mentoring. Starting her career out, she found her passion for all things dog related as...

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Meet Allison - Founder and Behavior Consultant

Credentials Held CPDT-KA - Certified Professional Dog Trainer - Knowledge Assessed, given by the CCPDT, certification council of professional dog trainers. This certification "measures a broad range of knowledge and skills in ethology,...

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Everything Kong

Kongs are an excellent enrichment toy to help provide enrichment, especially while actively dog training. With dogs, just remember whenever we are introducing anything new to our animals; we always...

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How to Train a Tiger

At Daack Pack we don’t train tigers, we train more domesticated pets - but I have trained tigers in the past and I can see a lot of crossover between...

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