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    Webinars can be a great way to introduce yourself to some new training protocols or support for ones you're working on already.  It's also a great way to fine-tune your skills with your dog!  Clients and dogs of all skill levels can benefit from any of our webinars.  You do not have to be a current, active client with us in order to attend, but you do need to set up an account on this website so we know where to send your invite.

    Webinars are held live on the dates below.  Access to a recording of the live event will be made available to all who purchase this listing, regardless of actual attendance.  Recording will be available post live event until June 1, 2022.

    Invites to live events are sent 48 hours in advance of the event date.

    Miss the live event?  Don't worry!  Recordings of webinars that have already been held are available, too!  If the listing you purchase says "recorded" - the live event has already occured, but access to that video recording will be sent to you within 48 hours of purchase.


    We have webinars on the following dates for the following topics:

    Dates in 2021

    • Saturday, Nov 27 @11:30am:  Separation Anxiety 101


    • Saturday, Jan 8 @10am:  How to Speak Dog
    • Saturday, Jan 22 @10am:  How to Speak Dog - Behavior Edition
    • Saturday, Feb 5 @10am:  Brain Games - Impulse Control
    • Saturday, Feb 19 @10am:  Brain Games - Enrichment for Your Dog
    • Saturday, March 5 @10am:  Leash Skills 101
    • Saturday, March 19 @10am:  Say Please 

    Webinar Descriptions:

    Separation Anxiety 101 - (still available as a video)

    • Learn what separation anxiety is and how to spot it
    • Learn contributing factors to SA
    • Learn treatment overview
    • Learn management and prevention techniques
    • Learn how to be a ‘lifeguard’ for our dogs

      How to Speak Dog - (still available as a video)

      • They use non-verbal language
      • No perfect translation
      • Importance of the whole picture

      How to Speak Dog: Behavior Edition - 

      • Canine emotions that affect behavior
      • Canine physiology effect on behavior
      • Spotting aggression
      • What to do in response

      Brain Games: Impulse Control - 

      • Calm in the face of excitement
      • It gives our dog a ‘say’
      • Teaches independent behavior
      • About controlling the reinforcer, not our dog
      • Start with something easy to control

      Brain Games: Enrichment for Your Dog - 

      • Learn about different types of enrichment
      • Learn how to do enrichment at home
      • Learn how to use what’s around us
      • Learn fun games and activities
      • Learn cool about cool enrichment products

      Leash Skills 101 - 

      • Why dogs pull
      • Learning theory
      • Leash handling techniques
      • Training techniques and exercises

      Say Please - 

      • How to create a management plan
      • Preventing demand behaviors
      • How to teach them to ‘Say Please’ when they want something
      • Implementing Training
      • Training activities to help fortify wanted behaviors

      Important Note:  All services, including online webinars, are non-refundable once purchased.

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