Installment Plans - New

Installment Plans:

For any of our services over $600, we offer Installment plans.

A client has the option of automated payments or scheduled invoices through Quickbooks.

Automated Payments will require a set up phone call for use to get preferred card information. 

Scheduled Payments will require you to manually pay an invoice that will be sent out a week before it's due to continue scheduling your session. 

They will be structured payments set up until the service is fully paid. There will be a 1.5% processing fee added to the installment plans. Fee determined from total cost of service.

Sessions will be scheduled and confirmed in regards to the most updated payment of the installment plan.

There will be a $50 fee for a late payment of an installment. A payment is considered late after 24 hours past the due date on the invoice.

Ideally, payments are paid a week before any scheduled sessions.

If you're interested in installment plans, please let us know when you're asking for services so we can get that set up for you. 

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