Additional Services

Additional Services 

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Webinars: $25 per

Webinars are a wonderful tool to add in supplemental training that is rewatchable, especially for common subjects we could all benefit from like understanding body language better. Our webinars were created from scratch, in house to meet the common needs we see in our clients.

Webinars Available:

  • Separation Anxiety 101
  • How to Speak Dog
  • How to Speak Dog - Behavior Edition
  • Brain Games - Impulse Control
  • Brain Games - Enrichment for Your Dog
  • Leash Skills 101
  • Say Please

Follow the link to webinars are available on our website:

Purchase Webinar here

or email us at for access and an invoice!


Canine Fitness Evaluation and Write up: $79

A Fitness Evaluation serves as a way to assess where your dog’s physical conditioning is at the moment of evaluation. This evaluation can be used to help create simple recommendations for physical exercises. This will not replace the recommendation of your Veterinarian and should be used to help create communication with your Veterinarian about your dog’s physical fitness needs and limitations.

What’s Included:

  • Virtual assessment
  • Trainer will give verbal assessment in meeting
  • Explanation of the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), used to numerically describe the amount of effort the dog needs to complete a task.
  • Trainer will send over recommended exercises breakdowns and frequency of exercise, and any additional recommendations

Canine Fitness can be used for a variety of purposes, but the main goal is prevention. Just like with people, keeping the body moving has numerous health benefits. Our evaluations are here to help you start that fitness journey. Whether your goals are to help your pup lose weight or to find a new way to exercise their bodies and minds, Canine Fitness is here to help.

It can also be a great tool to start talking to your Veterinarian about realistic fitness goals for your pets. 


Veterinary Advocacy:

For Active Clients:

  • We often refer clients to work with UC Davis’ Veterinary Behavioral Team. It can be a lot of details and information to process. We can join you virtually or In Person for the session to help you advocate for your pet.
    • $60 per hour for Virtual Sit in
    • $120 per hour In Person Sit in + Mileage
      • Follow up check within 24-48 hours


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