Roy Westfall with Luna, Percy and Roxy

"When we first started working with the Daack Pack, our house was in chaos.  


Everyone was stressed and things were bordering on dangerous.  We had 2 female dogs, Roxy and Luna, who had been living together without incident for over 3 years.  We had recently adopted a 3rd dog, a young male, Percy.  


Luna took a liking to Percy and started snapping at Roxy if she came within eyeshot of Percy and her.  We separated them but weren’t sure where to go next.  This is not what we expected.  


Fortunately, we made the right move and contacted the Daack Pack. 


We met with Allison and got started working with Marie right away.  We started learning about dog body language and some tips on reintegrating our household.  


We learned that some of Luna’s adorable quirky behaviors were actually signs of stress and anxiety.  We had to make lots of changes in our house, and remember to meet the dogs where they are.  We recognized some positive effects right away, and others took more time.  Not only did we learn how to address some of our specific concerns, we learned tools to address things as the dogs grow and change.  


Today, we live in a harmonious house with 3 dogs.  It can still get chaotic, but it's a controlled chaos."


Roy Westfall with Luna, Percy and Roxy

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