Meet Melissa - Dog Trainer

Melissa-Lynn Stamm, CPDT-KA and AKC CGC Evaluator Approved

(Pronouns She/Her)

Melissa-Lynn Stamm is coming to Daack Pack Dog Training with 6 years of reinforcement-based dog training experience. She has worked with dogs in a variety of settings from managing a daycare and teaching classes to private training and behavior consulting. During this time she earned her bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor Deaf Studies from the University of South Florida. Some of the past work she's done in Florida includes Separation Anxiety, multi-animal households, baby prep and household management/interacting with children, resource guarding, aggression cases, service dog training.

Working with dogs and humans experiencing psychological disorders like PTSD has become a huge passion of Melissa's. Whether it’s the dog themselves or training service dogs for someone in need, it’s her passion to help change the lives of humans and their companions. While also utilizing her minor in Deaf Studies to help individuals with hearing loss, from spreading awareness and information to training dogs to understand ASL cues. It is amazing to watch the language barrier disappear and the communication between dog and owner grow in fluency and confidence!
Here's Melissa on what experiences with training are the ones she enjoys the most: 
"The experiences that have sparked so much joy in me have been the cases that challenge me the most. Cases where I get to meet dogs and owners with different personalities and unique situations, witnessing their bond grow and flourish as they work through complex behavior challenges together is an honor to be a part of. I am excited to join the Daack pack team to be able to bring my skill set and experience to current and future clients."
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