Meet Betsy-Dog Trainer

Betsy Payne, CPDT-KA, CCFT, is a Fear Free Certified and LLA Graduate

(Pronouns She/Her)

Betsy comes to Daack Pack with a variety of prior experiences within the Dog Training Industry.  Betsy’s passion for instruction and education was honed due to those experiences. She originally got involved with Dog Sports growing up in the youth program 4-H, almost 20 years ago. In her early 20’s, it turned from her hobby to her profession. In her 10+ years of group and individual instruction she’s fallen in love with the process of teaching and building up those she works with, coworkers and clientele alike. From working with inmates in a prison dog training program to volunteering with her local K9 Search and Rescue team to helping create and eventually leading a National Virtual Dog Training program for Petco.

Betsy found a recent love of Canine Fitness (CCFT) and the ways that we can build functional and preventative skills into your day as an important component in the overall welfare of our canine companions. She has a 8 year old Shetland Sheepdog, Tycho. Betsy is a Virtual Trainer and is currently helping and hosting clients from her home in Washington state.

Here’s one of her favorite training stories - in her words:

In all of my experiences with dogs and people, some of my most memorable moments come from my time working at a women’s prison dog program. For a few reasons, one reason being that I held the job at a very formative time in my life and I learned so many important life lessons. Mostly due to my own failures and/or lack of education at the time, which is pretty par for the course with life lessons, they aren’t easy. Overall it really reinforced in me that failures in anything are only failures if we don’t use them to learn from. Failures are just feedback that we can use to better ourselves. Easier said, than done. I know, I’m preaching to the choir.  I’m excited to bring my knowledge, experience and sense of humor here to the Daack Pack. 

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