Kim Austin with Zelda

"Zelda and I needed guidance. Our first trainer ghosted us and I just kept seeing people recommend The Daack Pack. 


I looked them up and saw that they were a positive reinforcement, that they had education and certifications to go along with their years of experience. I contacted them and got set up for our intro meetings. 


Zelda loves Marie, and was so excited when she first came over. My dog, Zelda, is very selective about people, she is usually indifferent. They helped us set a BMOD plan. I got Zelda on meds, and guidance in training and them guiding me through my many mistakes have really helped us. 


Zelda still has dog aggression issues, it is a slow process. Progress over Perfection! She is thriving, she recovers quickly and communicates well with us. She loves her trainers. They know how to act with her and I love it. These are amazing trainers who listen to me and my dog."


Kim Austin and Zelda

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