Carrie and Nick Evon with Sophia

"The behaviorists over at UC Davis recommended Daack Pack to help with our highly anxious dog, Sophia. Before we started training, our biggest fear with Sophia was that a trainer would try to force her progress too fast and make her anxiety worse. We knew we needed patient, fear-free trainers who would work at our dog’s pace, not their own.


Daack Pack has more than delivered! Betsy and Marie always carefully tailor sessions around Sophia’s stress levels. They are willing to try different ideas to help her learn more so that we get more out of our sessions. They are also super patient with us and have taught us so much about taking care of our girl.


Since starting with Daack Pack, Sophia has gained way more confidence! She now has a whole toolbox of ways to manage her stress, and she is becoming more independent by the day. With every session, Betsy and Marie continue to improve our little family’s life, and we are so grateful for all they do.

Thank you, Daack Pack!"


Carrie and Nick Evon and Sophia

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