Caitlin and Justin Ferguson with Dax

Daack Pack Dog Training was recommended to us by an obedience trainer in the area when our dog, Dax, was really struggling with some reactivity behaviors in a group training class. He was also struggling with a lot of behaviors at home. 

The amazing trainers at Daack Pack helped us to really understand how our dog was feeling and why he was behaving the way he was in different situations. In addition to tackling each behavior through evidence based, positive reinforcement training methods, we also learned things we could do right away to manage the behaviors and help Dax be a happier pup. 

We are extremely grateful for the collaboration not only between the Daack Pack trainers, but also between the Daack Pack trainers and other professionals that were helping with our case, like veterinary behaviorists at UC Davis. 

That ongoing collaboration provided a much needed boost to help Dax continue to progress. We still have some things to work on, but we’ve seen a night and day difference in our dog. Thanks to Daack Pack Dog Training, sanity has returned to our household and Dax is now living his best life!

Caitlin and Justin Ferguson

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