Andrea and Brian Schreier with Lola and Buster

"When we adopted our sweet pup Lola from Mexico, we were overwhelmed by her anxiety, compulsive behaviors, and the resource guarding she was directing towards our other dog, Buster. To complicate matters, Buster didn’t understand Lola’s attempts to set boundaries which accelerated conflict. 

We knew we needed help. After reviewing the websites of a few trainers online, I stumbled across the Daack Pack site and was really impressed by Allison’s credentials and those of all the trainers. I reached out and quickly was connected to Betsy for a short virtual consultation. 

She provided some great advice about how to initially manage Lola’s challenges while getting us set up for additional services.

Over the next few months, Betsy, Allison, and Marie provided so much support to us virtually and in our home. Betsy recommended very helpful books to read and suggestions on how to incorporate enrichment into our daily routine to help both dogs adjust to their new situation. 

Allison understood both Lola’s and Buster’s challenges right away. She helped us develop an initial training plan and connected us to the UCD Vet School Behavior Service so we could get help with Lola’s compulsive behaviors. 

Marie came out to our house and taught us some exercises to help build Buster’s and Lola’s relationship and provided a training plan to acclimate Lola to car rides. Fast forward several months and Buster and Lola are co-existing happily, resource guarding has virtually disappeared with simple management, and Lola rides contentedly in the car! The medication Lola started after consultation with the veterinary behaviorist has greatly reduced her compulsive behaviors and she can decompress after triggers much more quickly. We decided to enroll Lola in day-training to continue work on managing big feelings and reacting to triggers on leash. 


Daack Pack’s amazing new trainer, Melissa, has spent several weeks working with Lola and we are thrilled with all the progress that has been made! Lola is much better able to handle exciting events and walks more confidently on leash. Whenever she comes to work with Lola, Melissa always spends a few minutes working with Buster on his anxiety meeting new people and we have seen a marked improvement in his behavior as well! 

I would recommend Daack Pack to anyone looking for empathetic, science-based, fear-free training and behavioral modification for dogs exhibiting challenging behaviors."


Andrea and Brian Schreier

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