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    Before purchasing this option - be sure to speak to your trainer to ensure that adding a second trainer would be a good use of your resources, and is appropriate to the training plan.


    Add a trainer to your session! 

    We'll add an on-site trainer to your regular virtual session, or a virtual trainer to your in-person session.  With both our Canine Behavior Consultant and our Dog Trainer on board, you get the benefit of a combined 3 decades of experience collaborating with you on your dog's learning journey.

    Our training team often works together on cases behind the scenes, and we encourage discussion and brainstorming in order to best serve our clients by using all our varied skills sets and areas of specialty.  But a hybrid session takes this to the next level and allows our team to work with the client in the moment to problem solve and creatively discuss the best way to approach your training goals.


    Note:  $125 fee is additional to your original session fee.

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