• Service Description

    Day training is an intensive training plan where we do the heavy lifting of teaching your dog, then teach you at the end of each week what your pup has learned, so you can continue practicing.  At the end of the package, you will receive a written review of the behaviors taught for your reference, delivered to your email in PDF format.  Also included is a single 1 hour follow up appointment approximately 2-4 weeks after your package concludes. 

    How it works:  We will come to your home for four sessions per week. Three of those sessions will be just us and your dog working for 45 minutes each time.  The fourth session of each week will be an hour with you and your dog together.  We will teach you what we've been working on, and give you some time to practice with our trainer in attendance, so we can give you pointers and feedback on how to maintain the behaviors we've taught.  A few weeks later, we will come back for a 1 hour follow up, where you can ask questions, get help refining your technique, or get a brush up on any of the protocols that may have deteriorated.

    Note:  the training plan may incorporate owner attendance during more (or all) of the sessions based on the needs of the case.  

    Day training packages come in 2 week, 3 week, or 4 week durations.  Your trainer will recommend a package size based on the goals you have set for your dog.  You are always welcome to choose the package size you are comfortable with, but be aware that the length of training will affect the progress made.  Your trainer will adjust the goals and communicate the adjustments to you should you decide on a shorter package than your trainer recommends.


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