Meet Emily - Office Manager

Emily Black is the Office Manager of Daack Pack Dog Training.  During the 2010's she worked closely with the Northeast chapter of Greyhound Welfare as a foster home for retired racing greyhounds, eventually adopting one herself and continuing to foster while Gordon, her adoptee, acted as "ambassadog" to incoming retired racers.  

A life long bibliophile, she began her career as an Access Services Librarian at the prestigious Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.  After 5 years of working to support the research of both students and teachers, she moved to San Francisco, California and translated her organizational and research skills into an administrative career for various tech start-up companies.  As an Operations Generalist, Facilities and Office Manager, she was typically hired early on in the companies' formation, and provided administrative support to new hires and C-Levels alike.  Helping organizations through their first rounds of funding and rapid growth, often while they hired 100+ employees in a single year, she learned to adapt quickly, master new skills on the fly, successfully delegate, and impressed her higher ups with both her willingness to roll up her sleeves, and her ability to complete large, high level projects with minimal supervision.  

After a successful but very hectic 5 years of start-up life, she took 2 years off to travel the US in a renovated bookmobile to decide where she wanted to settle down long term.  Having made several friends and network connections in the greater Sacramento area, she moved to nearby Rancho Cordova, started an urban homestead, and eventually discovered Daack Pack Dog Training.  Emily currently lives in Rancho with her loving partner, a grizzled ancient chihuahua, a Chinese water dragon of questionable intelligence, and three very snuggly bantam chickens.   
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