A Brief Overview of the Trainer on Retainer Program

Helping dogs find and keep their forever homes. 

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Daack Pack Dog Training INC., provides behavior consulting services, and dog training on retainer to rescue organizations.  This program provides support for foster homes, adopters or other identified parties in need of training services; educating them on proper dog handling, safety, management, training and behavior modification techniques. We hope to empower fosters and adopters so that their dogs can have an easier transition into their new homes.

Once the organization submits an intake form with us, we will reach out to foster homes, and coordinate scheduling a session with a member of our training team. Once a session is scheduled with us, there is a no rescheduling or cancellation policy within 7 days of the session.

Standard consultations are held for 45 minutes, and extended consultations are held for 90 min.  Which session type is appropriate for each case may be identified and requested by the rescue organization, or may be suggested by our training team, depending on the dog’s history, and training goals.  Detailed notes are generated by the trainer within 48 hours after each session, detailing information gathered from the foster home, and training protocols reviewed during the session.  These are then sent to foster homes.   

Our team also creates and maintains a shared file system which will house all dogs’ consultation notes and will grant access to any team members the rescue identifies should have access to them.  

If a dog we’re working with needs a behavior medication evaluation, we provide relevant information to the veterinarian; case notes, behavioral observations, concerns, etc., with proper advance notice, to support the case and present our findings. 

Daack Pack Dog Training INC., provides administrative and email support to the rescue organization for this program, as well as email support to foster families after their session if needed.  Further sessions may be suggested by our team, or requested of us by the rescue organization if it is deemed necessary for the dog’s progress.

By contracting with Daack Pack to act as your trainers on retainer, you can be assured that your foster dogs and families will have access to the behavior and training support they need, when they need it most - resulting in more successful permanent placements.

Additional Resources:

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